Open-Night 20.9.2018


Chess Club ‘Welcoming Committee’. Back row. Pictured left to right: Mr Weldon (mentor), Mark Duff (6th yr), Cian McMahon (5th yr), Seán Warlow (3rd yr), Mr Norman (mentor).
Front row: Left to right: Bryan Chan (2nd yr), Seán Hayes (5th yr) and Kieran Curran (5th yr). Wonderful success. Thanks to the committee for making all our visitors welcome and for helping them enjoy a game of mental gymnastics. See gallery for more pics.


‘The Final Twelve’ (in alphabetical order) representing ROCO at the Check-Mate All Ireland Final. (April 7th. Limerick. Captain: Ben O’Sullivan (Pic above includes subs). Good luck lads!!

1.       Athinson, James              3rd year

2.       Cashman, Cian                5th year

3.       Curran, Kieran                 3rd year

4.       Malone, Padraic               6th year

5.       Moynihan, Diarmuid      6th year

6.       Murphy, Jordan               5th year

7.       O’Donovan, Conor          5th year

8.       O’Sullivan, Ben                6th year

9.       O’Sullivan, Oisin             3rd year

10.     Popov, Denis                    3rd year

11.     Sforza. Fabrizio                5th year

12.     Sheerin, Peter                  2nd year

           Sub panel

1.         Hayes, Sean                     3rd year

2.        Fenkher, Anton               4th year

3.        Lecane, Mark                   2nd year

4.        Vidauski, Gleb                 4th year


In-house Results

The last two players to make it into the squad of twelve going to the All Ireland Check-Mate competition on April 7th have earned their places. In addition a sub-panel of four players has emerged. All as a result of a two-hour play off of six games using clocks in the Blueroom.   Congrats to Fabrizio Sforza and Jordan Murphy ( both fifth years) on making the team and Sean Hayes, Anton Fenkher, Mark Lecane and Gleb Vidauski (3rd, 4th, 2nd and 4th years respectively) making the sub-panel in that order.

Chess play-off for last two plub sub panel

Check-Mate All-Ireland play-off for final two places on team

The play-off will take place on Tuesday 28th March. 11.15-1.15

Room: Blue Room


1.       Creedon, Cillian              4th year

2.      Dolan, Ruadhan               3rd year

3.       Fehnker, Anton                4th year

4.           Hayes, Sean                     3rd year

5.            Lecane, Mark                  2nd year

6.            Murphy, Jordan              5th year

7.            Sexton, Conor                 2nd year

8.             Sheil, Ciaran                    4th year

9.              Sforza, Fabrizio               5th year

10.       Vidauski, Gleb            4th year

Chess Z Competition (Cork Secondary Schools). This competition will run between late March and early May 2017. We have entered four teams of four (or sixteen students). One champions team and three novice teams. This competition may be played off in one day at one school venue or over several visits to different schools. Watch this space for updates.

The Champions Team has yet to be announced but will be picked from the top players in ROCO Chess Club.

The sixteen first-year students listed below will form three novice teams of four players per team. The last group of four are the sub team. In the event of a player being out sick or unable to travel to a competition, a member of the sub team will be called upon to play.

Lawton, Jack

Murray, Joseph

Warlow, Sean

Zeng, Eoin


Cashman, Brady

Chen, Jackie

Lawton, David

McCarthy, Jack


Anand, Abhyudaya

Lyons, Glen

Magesh, Sanjay

Punch, Faolán



Connell, Taylor

Flannery, Stephen

Kordomlis, Kamil

Murnane, Jack

Check Mate All Ireland Chess Finals Friday 7th April, Limerick.

We will be entering three teams of four players  (twelve players in total) for this prestigious event. The top ten are listed alphabetically below:

1.       Athinson, James              3rd year

2.       Cashman, Cian                 5th year

3.       Curran, Kieran                  3rd year

4.       Malone, Padraic               6th year

5.       Moynihan, Diarmuid       6th year

6.       O’Donovan, Conor           5th year

7.       O’Sullivan, Ben                 6th year

8.       O’Sullivan, Oisin               3rd year

9.       Popov, Denis                     3rd year

10.   Sheerin, Peter                   2nd year

Six more students will emerge successfully from a play-off between the nine students listed alphabetically below. The top two will complete in the final team going to Limerick on the 7th April. The next four highest scoring players will form a sub-team in the event of any players above being ill or unable to travel on the 7th April.

11.   Creedon, Cillian                4th year

12.   Dolan, Ruadhan                 3rd year

13.   Fehnker, Anton                  4th year

14.   Hayes, Sean                        3rd year

15.   Lecane, Mark                      2nd year

16.   Murphy, Jordan                5th year

17.   Sexton, Conor                    2nd year

18.   Sheil, Ciaran                       4th year

19.   Sforza, Fabrizio                  5th year